Pricing is as simple as it gets. Just choose the plan below that works best for you! If you need something a little different, I'll send you a Free Quote!

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Feature Starter Classic Premium
Max Pages 4 10 20
Web Host
Free Maint. for 1 yr
Logo Design
Design Elem. 2
Price $500 $800 $1200

Need Something Different?

Some projects don't fit into a predefined plan. If you need something a little different that's no problem at all! Send me an email today or chat below and I'll give you a free quote.

Annual Maintenance Fee

The Annual Fee is waived for the first year!

Each plan includes an addtional $250 per year to cover the cost of your domain name, web host, basic maintenance, bug fixes, and security related updates.

Note: The annual maintenance fee does not cover the price of new pages, features, services or functionality.