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logo Intelogical Design creates highly functional, beautiful websites and web applications. Today, many websites are designed to work for hundreds or even thousands of businesses... But a custom website is built for one.

Say goodbye to fighting WordPress plugins and forcing templates into submission yet, in the end having to settle for less. Say goodbye to looking like everyone else, including your competitors. Finally, say goodbye to wasting hours searching documentation and message boards. And say hello to your very own tailored website, complete with a friendly web guy!

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Ashley Baehr Photography

I'm excited to have the opportunity to create a custom website for Ashley Baehr Photography. My wife takes amazing photo's and I'm going to do my absolute best to give her something to showcase them. It's exciting to me when our two paths cross in the tech. world! Here is a short list of features: Responsive, Photo Protection, Logo, Business Cards, Blog, Portfolio, and Pricing. Her new website will be primarily dark, which will be great for showcasing her works of art.

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Ashley Baehr Photography

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