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Have You Outgrown Your DIY Website?

August 18th, 2018
DIY website builders such as WordPress and Wix have come a long way over the years but they aren't for everyone. They are meeting a critical need of getting bunches of businesses online. A DIY website builder may even be the best choice for some! So, how do you know when it's time to move beyond a DIY website and hire a web developer/designer?

You Get Limited Traffic

You've got your website all set, it's been running for months now. It looks great. But, you aren't getting the amount of traffic you were expecting. There could be several reasons for this, but the primary one is SEO. Your website is simply not optimized for search engines.

Your Website is a Time Sink

When you struggle to make even minor changes and find yourself looking up how to's, sifting through documentation, and hitting message boards, your website is taking too much of your time. A custom website, that is well designed can make life super easy and requires little to no tech. skills. A custom website is built for you, so it's personalized to fit your needs. It's not built to meet the needs of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of businesses. It's built for one.

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Your Website Looks Like the Others

When your website first launched, you were super excited, but now some of that sizzle has worn off. As you compare your website to others, they all start looking the same. But, your business is unique and you don't want to look like everyone else. You want to stand out.

You're Tired of the Ads

You are tired of advertisements being displayed on your website. You believe the ads are preventing your visitors from being able to focus on your message. Others may view your website as unprofessional. Or worse yet, sometimes the ads that display are inappropriate and/or irrelevant.

Your website is Slow

People go to visit your website and it takes what feels like forever to load. According to Kissmetrics, 40% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load. That's an automatic loss of four out of every ten potential customers you're losing. If your web page takes longer than that, the percentage is even worse.

Websites are slow for various reasons, and if you're using a DIY builder, many of those reasons are out of your control.

Your Website Doesn't Look Good on All Devices

You just finished designing your website from your desktop or laptop, and it looks fabulous. You send an email to your friends and ask them to check it out. One of them responds that it's too difficult to use. After some digging, you find out that your friend visited your website with their phone. If your website isn't responsive, this is a likely scenario you'll run in to. But instead of your friend visiting it will be your potential customers. Those visitors won't say anything, they simply move on to the next website.


You're Tired of Getting Poor Support

You're so done with searching Google for answers on how to make a change, or how to fix a specific bug, or install/use a specific plugin. You're finished scanning WordPress documentation. You really need to talk to someone. You look for a number to call and find, a) no one, b) you have to wait until Monday, or c) it's someone in another country and there is a language/time barrier, or d) they want $100 to answer your question.

Your Website is Down Too Often

If you're losing money when your website is down, it's time to stop messing around with these DIY website builders and dirt cheap web hosts. You need a fast, stable, and bug-free website. Your website is the last reason you should be losing money.

You're tired of hearing "You can't do that"

You've heard "you can't do that" for the last time. You've seen other websites that do THAT, so "why can't mine?" Good question!

There is Hope

If you've experienced any of these, it's time to stop playing. I get it! All you want to do is run your business. That's exactly where your focus should be. If you're so done with DIY websites, contact Intelogical Design and I'll show you how easy and stress-free updating your website should be. Oh, and I'll be there to help if you run into any problems!