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Five Reasons You Need a Website

August 18th, 2018
If you've been thinking about getting a website, but haven't, here are five reasons to consider.

Get More Customers

Everyone is searching online, whether on Amazon or even local businesses. Therefore, if you aren't online, you don't exist to some people and you are missing out on customers. Are your competitors online? If so, you can bet that you are losing customers to them. Ouch! If they aren't online yet, you have an opportunity. Beat them to it!

Increase Efficiency

I hear quite often how busy or stretched thin small businesses can be. It's true, business owners have to wear many hats. But, if you don't have a website, you are even busier! Are you tired of getting interrupted to answer the same questions over and over again? Instead of answering calls and emails yourself, put your website to work!  Create an FAQ page, list your hours and all contact info. Stop getting interrupted and focus on what's most important, let your website handle the easy questions!

There are many other ways you can create efficiencies, especially when you get a Custom Website.

Increase Revenue

If you have the ability to sell your products online, do so. People are shopping online now more than ever. In fact, this shift has caused some brick-and-mortar stores to either redefine themselves or get left in the dust. I'm looking at you Best Buy and Toys R' Us. Society is spending so much time online that newspapers are too slow and inconvenient (Twitter). Newspaper companies have had to redefine themselves as well. The bottom line is that if you have products you can sell online, do it, otherwise you're missing out on customers, and therefore revenue.

Anchor Your Marketing Efforts

You need a place to tie all of your marketing efforts together. Where are you driving your customers? If I were you, I would drive them all to your website. I'd put business details, products, services, and special offers there. Then, through your marketing efforts (print and web) point them back to your website, where they can find additional information and easily get in touch with you.

Take Complete Control

Building your web presence through Social Networking websites is good, but it's not enough. If you are relying on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, you are at their mercy. They tell you what to place, and where to place it. They have a very limited number of customization options, and your page looks just like your competitor's. To make matters worse, through seemingly minor algorithm changes Social Networks can drastically decrease your traffic. You have to look no further than what Facebook did back in January 2018 to see how quickly things can change.

There are many other reasons to create a website, but I wanted to give you five compelling reasons to take the leap. Partner with Intelogical Design today and take control of your web presence.