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Build A High-End Offer

August 5th, 2018
The final phase is called the High-end Offer. This product or service is not for most of your customers, only those who want to go BIG. This is an offering, which can likely still be expanded through upselling or additional benefits. In order to understand what the high-end offer is, it helps to know what it isn't.

Let's consider for a moment cars, at a Ford dealership during the 90's. The low-end will be something like a Tempo (Tripwire), the middle will be a Taurus (Core Offer), and the upper end would be a Mustang (High-end). But we know that there are many variabilities that come in to play with these vehicles. There are souped-up Tempos (I really hope to never see one of these), and base Mustangs. The High-end offer is the Mustang, not the Mustang with all of the optional bells and whistles. Those bells and whistles are for upselling. In fact, some people make upselling the Fifth stage of a Sales Funnel. I didn't include it in this series since upselling can occur at the Tripwire, Core Offer, and High-end Offer stages in many cases.

Note: The above illustration isn't perfect, but it makes the point. The issue is that the actual Tripwire for a car dealership is vehicle maintenance, or new tires, not a Tempo.

The final post in this series will provide a high-level overview of the entire Sales Funnel with a complete illustration. Soon, you'll be able to implement your very own Sales Funnel and put your business or hobby on a path to success!

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