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Are You Turning Away Customers?

May 11th, 2019
I've seen many store-front businesses that have curb appeal, but unfortunately, their website doesn't match its beauty. I'm surprised by the number of owners who think that people will find them by driving around, looking in the yellow pages, word of mouth, or newspaper ads. These methods worked much better fifteen years ago than they do today. Here are a few staggering Google Search statistics from 2019 that you need to be aware of.

Local Search is a Big Deal

Forty-six percent of all Google searches come from people looking for local information. There is a common misconception that people are not looking for their businesses online. These days every business should have an online presence because it's the means by which consumers are searching for them. When I'm looking for businesses, I search Google to find those nearby. When looking for a restaurant, I'll read reviews after glancing at their star rating. Google will usually give me directions to their location. But, I want to see their website too. I want to see their menu and estimate how much I'll pay. I want to see if they have any specials going on. If it's privately owned, I want to read about their unique story. Don't be misled into thinking that having a Google page is enough. Instead, you should think of Google as a billboard or a sign which points others to your website, where you have full control of every aspect, can offer more details and can steer them towards your services.

Google Search

Eighty-eight percent of local business searches by consumers using mobile devices result in calls or visits to the business within 24 hours. With a conversion rate like that, businesses would be foolish to forget about their web presence or treat it as secondary. People are searching locally, and being able to be found by them is essential for growth. By neglecting your website, you're turning away customers.

Your Website Is Their First Impression

Ninety-seven percent of people search online to find a local business. If first impressions are a big deal to you, your curb-appeal is still important but times are changing, and 97% of the time their first impression will be from your online presence. I can confirm that this is true with my church.

When we have visitor's we often ask them how they found us. And guess what? Most of them searched via Google. They were looking for churches, with like-minded believers in the area. They found our church's website, looked up our core values, read our statement of faith, and even listened to sermons. They did all of this before deciding to visit. If my church didn't have a strong web presence, we would have been harder to find. I'm fairly confident that we wouldn't have some of the members we have without a strong online presence. We've even had people search for churches in our area before deciding to move to town. That was the case when my family moved to Syracuse about 10 years ago.

Build a Strong Web Presence

Hopefully, you can see that by not having a strong online presence you are hurting your business. The good news is that I'm here to help you out. You can stop turning away customers by being found. If we work together, we would discuss your entire online presence. This includes not only your website but your Google search results and ranking, your social media accounts and such. Did you know that the type of business you have helps to determine which social media platforms you should likely focus on? We'll talk about that too! Have you ever had Google Maps steer you to an incorrect location? I've had two customers with incorrect pin placement on Google Maps, and they had no idea. I noticed right away, let them know, and submitted the changes to Google on their behalf. We will leave no rock unturned.